Annonshe Inc. is a gaming consultancy and support company that specializes in Immersive Solutions for online worlds. Through our services, we help transition massively multiplayer games into an even greater dynamic interactive experience for the end users to create a more captivating immersive environment.

As more and more companies join the online subscription-based market with a variety of innovative features and new technologies, the need to expand the gaming experience within existing worlds and engage the player base has become essential to a game's success. We strive to provide the extra edge needed for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their customer retention by making them feel like an integral part of their world.
The website is currently in redesign to better reflect our services. You may look forward to its evolutions as well as additional announcements in the near future.

1. an'non, the Celtic Otherworld, a place of ancestral power where mortals journey to learn of the world, and of themselves.
2. shee, the People of the Faerie Mounds, a noble race of beings said to to have shared many wonders with mortal men.
Annonshe Inc. provides companies with immersive systems to deal with one of the toughest challenges faced in this online era: enduring world depth.

With our assistance in the application of Immersive Solutions, we encourage player retention and generate statistical research and analysis of their actions and participation. By tracking behavioral patterns, we respond directly to their desires and can adapt to their evolution. This creates a focused approach to player management and permits us to encourage appropriate behavior.

Through our services, we help shape the players’ journey into a memorable experience by creating new interactive content, introducing new persistent layers of game play and authenticating their accomplishments all without having to redesign the world.