Annonshe Inc. provides supporting services which immediately adds new immersive features to any product. The publicity generated by well written chronicles, high quality events and new user experiences along with the positive effects they have on their enjoyment can provide a high return for a small investment.

Even if your product is in its beta stages, a strong immersive presence can help focus your players on specific elements, while simultaneously helping to ensure that they maintain a beneficial outlook on the game and its possibilities.
Event Services are part of a content development system designed to deliver ongoing dynamic player driven content on regular basis outside of the game's patch cycle.

Designed within our Saga System software, this content focuses on improving player interactions within the world and promoting in-game content.

In addition, Event Services track statistical information and analyze player interactions in order to appeal to their game style.
Our Saga System software aids in the production of intricate story arcs, dynamic events and event characters giving players a chance to shape their destiny and that of their world. It creates the diverse threads to the story, bringing depth, meaning and life to the game.

Through this system we share our event designs with our many clients so that they may understand their direction at a glance, add their comments and approve them quickly and easily.